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Michelle Dunn has worked for years in collections. Now, she uses that experience and know how to help business owners and managers who are struggling with their collection efforts. She honed her knowledge and works to share that information. She has contributed to two of my business management books and my readers will benefit from the insights she contributed. If you need to learn how to handle the collection area of your business, check Michelle Dunn's books. If you would like to get an idea of the professionalism and knowledge that she brings to her work, check the free articles on her website. They will whet your appetite for more. 
Shri Henkel, Author and Owner of S & C Consulting

I highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to start their own collection agency - even if it is only a dream right now. This book will get you started and headed in that direction so that one day your dream will come true with relative ease and few surprises. I read the book back when my agency was only a dream - and now I am the owner of my own collection agency. I could not have done it without this book! Thank you Michelle for the inspiration and most important tool I could have had when Burns & Carlisle was just a dream!
- Norma Burns
President, Burns & Carlisle

I have been in medical billing and collections for years, but only recently have opened a collection agency. Michelle's book gives the basic information necessary for anyone to start. Even with my background, I learned necessary information to become successful.
- Cynthia R Hammett
President, Profit Line Collection Services, Inc. 

I really liked your website. You have given me so many tips on how to perfect my collection agency through your book. I have to say you gave me the perfect outline, and I highly recommend it.
- George Kaiteris
SKY Collections. 

I ran across your book on Amazon.com and ordered it. I look forward to reading your book and from what I’ve seen of your website, etc. I’m very impressed with your success!
- Jeff Johnson, Charlotte, NC

I just finished reading your book today. Thank you for the “ABC’s” in starting a collection agency. Lots of good information in a very easy to read format.
- Paula Weiss-Cohen

I would like to say that my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed your book. My wife and I have started a collection agency in Denver.
- Len Eskridge, TNL Financial

I purchased your book from Amazon.com and it has given me great guidance and motivation. I would like to thank you for offering this product.
- Jake Fullmer

Dunn’s self published title, How to Make Money Collecting Money, Starting a Collection Agency, is a very well laid out book in both design and content," says Writer’s Digest. "The text is logical and easy to follow. The samples are effective and easily understood. The flow between chapters makes it easy to follow. A good cover and a good job of selling the book on the back cover also lead to its success. –Writer’s Digest

Michelle Dunn has helped to bring the collection industry to a more reputable light. Collection Agencies have taken a bad rap in the past and she has helped to dignify our industry with her integrity and knowledge. Her books are well thought out, her website is helpful and her e-mail group serves as a wealth of knowledge to our industry.–Jan Conte, President, Your Collection Solution, LLC

I asked Michelle Dunn to take part in a diary book project called ‘This Day’ because I wanted to find out what the life of a collection agent was really like (How do you track down someone who owes you money when they won’t answer their phone? How do you tell a burly guy who defaulted on his car loan that you’re going to take his car?). Michelle’s book, Starting a Collection Agency takes a day in the life a step further by showing you how to actually get started as a collection agent. It’s a practical guide full of how to’s, resources and advice — as well as insight into how she created a successful business that lets her balance family and work. –Rebecca Joffrey, Co-editor of the book This Day: Diaries from American Women

I do enjoy your wisdom and approach to this industry, I try to steer more people to you who are getting into this industry. –John Pratt, Portfolio Management LLC

Michelle Dunn is a tremendous resource, her books, web site, and forums continue to lead us through our new business in collections. We are very thankful for all her help. Ken Keefe

Let me start by saying ‘Thank you’ for your book. It is yet another testament of the professional business woman you are.  I believe in you and I will always contribute the success of my start-up to you. Thanks so much. –Norma Burns, Burns & Carlisle

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When you think about it, your firm already has a collection agency - you just call it Accounts Payable, or Billing. With the comprehensive advice in veteran collection agent Michelle Dunn's How to Make Money Collecting Money: Starting a Collection Agency, you can turn AP into a profit center. Dunn covers everything from writing good collection letters, to the applicable laws, to skip tracing (skip tracing!). Your first clients can be companies you do accounting and tax work for; they undoubtedly have customers who haven't paid, and once they see you're doing collections, they'll never dare to pay you late. Which makes us wonder - isn't your human resources director a lot like a bounty hunter?–WebCPA


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