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Amazon as a Marketing Tool: It has been my experience that Amazon offers great customer service, through email. They pay you in full and on time at the same time every month. You can go online to check the status of your account, how many copies they have, how many have been sold and how much money you are making. I have also had reporters find me through Amazon and then interview me for stories, so having a presence on Amazon is a big plus in many ways.

Mortgage Headaches out of Control - Can Borrowers Save their Homes?: In the subprime mortgage market many lenders have been extending loans to consumers without focusing on their credit history or credit record and in many cases not requiring a down payment and now this is resulting in an extreme rise in subprime defaults. Some of these lenders have decided to stop making loans to these people who can’t pay and are getting out of the subprime mortgage business.
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Have you been Denied for a Business Loan? Add a Credit Policy to your Business Plan and Get Approved!: . If you were denied your loan, part of the problem could be that you didn’t explain or elaborate enough on how you were going to pay back the money you want to borrow.
Also: Credit & Collections Association

If you think no one cares, try missing a couple of payments.: Not all bill collectors are evil and break the law but with the stories that have been in the news lately that is the continued perception our media is portraying.
Also: Credit & Collections Association
Also: Books on debt collection & the laws!

Recovering More Debt: Did you know that 70% of Citibank’s bad debt accounts are skipped accounts? And that 10% are bankruptcies and deceased accounts? That leaves just 20% of their bad debt that they are “actively” trying to collect or that they normally just write off or sell. What happens to the other 80%?
Also: Credit & Collections Association
Also: International Research Specialists

To be or not to be – Being a Bill Collector in 2007: When I had my first Accounts Receivable clerk job and was phasing into being the credit manager, I made debt collection calls for the company I worked for. At one point I was allowed to do some of my work from home which included debt collection calls to customers
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Begin with a Bang and End with a Flourish!:

How to make your talk radio show stand out and hang on to its audience!

Have you ever listened to talk radio? Do you find yourself drifting off? If you want to keep your listeners attention you need to stand up and grab them then don’t let go.
Also: imassRadio is looking for authors for "Authors Talk" !

How I ended up where I am today as of 11/2005: Based on my marketing efforts since January, I have: 

Sold over $17,000.00 worth of my books and e-books 

Been in the Wall Street Journal 

Been on the CBS Early Show 

Been featured in many national and regional magazine and newspapers 

Signed a contract with a publisher for a book, received an advance and royalties 

Signed with a successful Literary Agent
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My Dreams and Goals by Michelle Dunn: I grew up being told I was stupid, that no one would ever marry me, that I was unattractive and would never do anything with my life.
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Why “Mom’s” have the Upper Hand in Debt Collection: If you are a mom, you can be a successful bill collector. In my opinion, if you are a mom, you are superwoman and can do anything you set your mind to.
Also: Learn more about Women in Business!
Also: Get FREE information on Starting your own Collection Agency

How an author can get Successful Press with Free marketing: My name is Michelle Dunn and I have written 5 books. I have just signed a contract with Entrepreneur Press to write a book for their Ultimate Series. I have been featured on NPR, in The Wall Street Journal, on the CBS Early Show, and in many magazines and newspapers nationwide. I have also never paid for advertising.
Also: Get more Free tips and ideas from Michelle Dunn.

How did a Thief get my Name? Don’t be a Victim of Identity Theft: There have been an estimated 9.9 million victims in America and over 40% of all consumer complaints in the U.S. involve identity theft. About half of the victims do not know how the thief obtained their personal information.
Also: 10 Steps to take if you are a Victim of Identity Theft
Also: Resources to help you learn about and protect yourself from identity theft

How you can Help Prevent Identity Theft: Identity theft can happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone, individuals or businesses. Everyone must be educated and aware so it can be avoided. Most identity theft involves the U.S. Mail which is why the U.S. Postal Inspection Service is a lead agency in investigating Identity Theft. Identity Theft is a criminal offense.
Also: Resources to help you learn about and protect yourself from identity theft
Also: FREE Sample Dispute Letter - Credit Bureau

10 Steps to take if you are a Victim of Identity Theft: Help! Someone stole my wallet and my identity! What do I do? The 10 things you must do right away!
Also: Resources to help you learn about and protect yourself from identity theft
Also: FREE Sample Dispute Letter - Credit Bureau

Resources to help you learn about and protect yourself from identity theft:

Resources to help you learn about and protect yourself from identity theft


Also: Sample Dispute Letter - Credit Bureau
Also: Are you at Risk for Identity Theft? Learn How to Protect Yourself.

FREE Sample Dispute Letter - Credit Bureau: Is there an error on your Credit Report? Use this letter to get it removed!
Also: Are you at Risk for Identity Theft? Learn How to Protect Yourself.

Are you at Risk for Identity Theft? Learn How to Protect Yourself.: Identity Theft is America’s fastest growing type of robbery. There have been an estimated 9.9 million victims on America and over 40% of all consumer complaints in the U.S. involve identity theft. About half of the victims do not know how the thief obtained their personal information.
Also: U.S. Postal Inspection Service
Also: Federal Trade Commission

What Credit Policy Tools are you missing?: Did you know that a credit policy is a channel where you can control your bottom line, sales and income?
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Is your Credit Policy working?:

New book explains how to create or update it quickly

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How to Write a Credit Policy for your business: According to a new book by Michelle Dunn, writing a credit policy is a daunting task but if you don’t have one, it can cost you sales.
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How to Turn Prospects into Credit Approved Customers: There are powerful strategies that business owners can use to dramatically improve their sales, income and bottom line.
Also: Don't have a Credit Policy? Want one? Check out Michelle's new book, "Become the Squeaky Wheel"!

How to make more money extending Credit: Easy, quick and painless. If your Credit policy is flowing smoothly, it is probably all of these. 

How to give your customers a choice between you and the competition and have them choose you: Instead of giving your customers or potential customers a choice between you and your competition and having them choose the other guy, have them choose you.
Also: Order "Become the Squeaky Wheel" today!

How Important is a Credit Policy?: Every business owner knows how important it is to keep your customers happy and coming back for more.
Also: For Great Customer Service, you need a Great Credit Policy! Create yours today with a new book "Become the Squeaky Wheel" by Michelle Dunn

How Customer Friendly is Your Credit Policy?: It’s a classic mistake for business owners. They start a business that is focused on their product and not on the credit end of their business.
Also: Create a customer Friendly Credit Policy today.

How Businesses can Stop Wallowing in Bad Debt and Prevent it in the Future: Did you know that bad debt has reached alarming rates with US business owners and that most creditors don’t know how to avoid or prevent it?
Also: New book will help you collect what you are owed and prevent future bad debt!

How Business’s Mess Up their Credit Policies: Many businesses’s make it difficult for customers to open a revolving credit account and are completely unaware of it.
Also: Fix your Credit Policy Today!
Also: FREE Credit & Collections information to help you with your collections.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff with your Credit Policy: Do you know how many customers you have that are past due right now? How many bad checks are sitting on your desk that you don’t know what to do with? How many dunning letters do you send out a month?
Also: Create your own Credit Policy easily!

Are you Scaring away Potential Customers?: When you are trying to make a sale and ask someone to fill out a credit application and new account form, do your potential customers turn around and run to the competition?
Also: Credit & Collections for FREE forms for your business
Also: Order Become the Squeaky Wheel and create your own Credit Policy Today!

How a Woman became a successful Bill Collector in a “Man’s Industry” and how you can too!: I have worked in the credit industry for over 17 years now. When I first started out, I only knew a very few women in the industry. That number has grown over the years, but not by much. Being a bill collector has always been categorized as a “man’s industry”.
Also: Free Credit & Collection Resources!
Also: Number 1 Women in Business site, visit Digital Women


Women Mean Business Profile: When people hear the words "Collection Agency" they cringe. It brings to mind thoughts of a rude, loud, overbearing man demanding payments. At MAD Collection Agency in Holderness, NH, Owner, Michelle Dunn, is trying to change this perception. 

Tips to Avoid Being Placed for Collection: If you try to use your MasterCard to pay off your Visa, need to decide which bills to pay and which to let slide or have too much month left at the end of the money, you may need some help getting your finances in order. 

No Fear - How to Make Your Business Succeed: Take out the fear and you will start your own business, you will have customers, and you will succeed. Why? Because you can. 

DOING IT YOURSELF: Tips and costs involved in collecting past-due accounts yourself . 

WHAT NOW?: Further collection efforts on past due accounts. 

COLLECTION SCHEDULES AND PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS: Tips for billing and collections that work. 

PREDICTING POTENTIAL COLLECTION PROBLEMS: Guideline for predicting potential collection problems. 

Marketing Tips: Do at least one thing to market your business every day. 

Top 7 Reasons You Should Send Out Press Releases: 1. Publicity is FREE advertising... 

SHOULD I START MY OWN COLLECTION AGENCY?: If you are wondering if you should or can open your own collection agency, the answer is yes, you can! 

How to Choose a Professional Collection Agency: Your careful choice in choosing a collection agency strengthens your bottom line and helps you to retain customers leading to a more profitable business. 

Should I Send One More Letter?: If you are asking this question, the answer is probably no. Place this account for collection and re-evaluate how you handle your receivables. 

Prevent Bad Check Losses!: Tips to help you avoid bad checks. 

Top 7 Reasons to Use a Collection Service: Reasons for using a collection service 

What if I receive a bad check?: Most people don't know what to do when a check is returned for insufficient funds.

What Works in Collections: Here are some collection tips to help you stop being frustrated and collect some of the money that is owed to you. 

Why will my customer pay a collection agency if they wont pay me??: Using a collection agency lets the debtor know you're serious and want to be paid. 

Telephone Collection Tips: Advantages and tips for collecting by telephone 

How To Collect Your Healthcare Receivables: How can you, the professional healthcare provider, improve your return on receivables and help ensure that your practice continues to be profitable? 

Easy Credit Forms for Businesses: Here are four reasons why your credit forms should be simple and easy to understand. 

Collection Tips: Tips for collections 

What is Outsourcing?: Outsourcing is a work place strategy that improves profitability.


Help Your Business

Help Your Business!

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Feature Article:

Tips to help you make more money and more sales with a credit policy

by Michelle Dunn

Some business owners ask why do I need a credit policy? I don’t have much bad debt. The following will help you understand and decide if you want or need to implement a credit policy. It is my belief that every business should have a credit policy.

The objective of a Credit Policy should be:

  • To provide timely notification to customers regarding past due amounts, and therefore eliminating old balances from being carried on the receivables.
  • To outline a procedure that will provide customers with options when they cannot pay in full and on time.
  • To provide a procedure on when and what to do with small balances on customers accounts.
  • To provide a procedure that will enable a company to adequately provide reasonable credit limits for customers with revolving credit.
  • To provide guidelines to legally collect money due your company that was lost due to bad checks.
  • To have a system that will maintain timely contact with customers when they are past due.
  • To provide a procedure that will enable your company to keep credit card numbers on file for customers and automatically charge them when they place an order.
  • To have a procedure that will enable your company to be aware of when an account should be placed for collection and to avoid carrying bad debts on the receivables.
  • To provide a procedure that will enable your business to legally charge customers credit cards at the time they place an order.
  • To provide a procedure that will eliminate orders being held, and to better serve customers in a timely manner.
  • To have a procedure that will enable your business to be aware of when to write a balance off to bad debt.

Small business owners sometimes make some common mistakes when just starting out, and trying to get paid. Some small business owners depend on that income more than someone who gets a check each week. This is because when you work for yourself, the work and therefore the payments are sporadic.

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